Reinvention pieces have become one of our favorite and most requested projects at Something You Couture… but they haven’t always been that way.

Ashley reinvented her first gown in 2018 after a television show reached out to her about recreating a low quality garment into a high end piece of couture for this project. Although the show concept didn’t work out, it provided Ashley a great opportunity to recreate a custom piece of couture.

From this first recreated couture garment, her husband, Victor, suggested that she take this concept and add it into her business model. It was a happy accident that Ashley began to reinvent pieces- which is ironic, since most of our favorite reinvention pieces include some sort of “happy accident” that made them into their final product.

 Since 2018, Ashley has continued to reinvent wedding, debutante, and gala gowns. We love getting to work on projects that are eco-friendly, respect the original wearer of the gown, and truly encapsulate the personality and style of each client.




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