When you’re thinking about your wedding gown, it’s important to think about more than just how it looks… but how it FEELS. Here are four questions that you should ask yourself before you decide on your wedding gown.

Can you dance? We at SYC love a good dance party… think through the movement that you can achieve in your gown before you walk out of the store with it in your hands.

When thinking about dancing, think about moving your arms. Off the shoulder sleeves are SO CUTE, but restricts your arm movement. If your groom is taller than you, it may be hard to reach up and dance with him or give him a hug with these sleeves. A great solution for this is to have removable sleeves added (we do this a LOT at SYC)

Can you sit comfortably? Tight fitting dresses can be gorgeous, but can also make it extremely difficult to sit. Make sure that if you’re getting a gown with a tight fit, you’re able to sit and eat with your groom during your reception.

Do you like how it looks from the side? During your ceremony, your guests (and photographer) will see you from the side. Remember, a picture is forever… and if you don’t like a picture of your gown now, you won’t like it on your wedding day or in your wedding pictures.

If you can’t find a wedding gown that truly feels right for you, don’t forget that a custom gown is always an option.

Photos: We are the Bowsers , Nathalie Triplett Photography


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