What makes custom special? The attention to fit & detail.


Clients come to Ashley because they’re looking for a special item that doesn’t exist in the mainstream market – something unique to who they are as individual women. When wearing a custom piece, it feels wonderful to hear friends and family say, “It’s so you!” Clothing should be a perfect match to the woman wearing it, something true to her spirit.

In addition to being a unique look with a perfect fit, the made-to-order process is an environmentally friendly process resulting in less waste. Ashley is also able to source custom lace and beading to make sure that every detail of the client’s vision come to life.


Sometimes clients don’t need a full gown, but simply a top, skirt, veil, or belt to complete an existing look, to make it a bit more Something You. We also offer Mother of the Bride and Groom custom gowns. It is truly special to have a mother-daughter experience creating dresses together for the big day!

Let’s talk about creating a custom look for any special event: debutant, prom, galas, pageants, and any red carpet occasion!

Something You also offers alterations of existing pieces to make sure the fit is perfect so that the bride feels like her best self.

We also offer the very special process of taking heirloom pieces and reworking them into contemporary designs. Combine your “something old” with your “something new” and make it truly “Something You!


Example Timeline for a Custom Gown:

4-8 months

  1. Consultation: The first time Ashley meets with you is an opportunity for her to really get inside your head. Through a series of 5 questions and a review of your inspiration boards for the garment and the event, she can get a complete picture of your dream dress. Throughout the process, all communication and decisions are confirmed in email to ensure clarity and accountability.
  2. Quote, Contract, Sketch: Based on the previous conversation, Ashley is able to better understand the amount of work that will be necessary – work that won’t start until the contract is signed ensuring that you’re both on the same wavelength. From there, she will begin to sketch shape, neckline, train, and any other details discussed in the consultation. These core elements determine the fabrics that will be used.
  3. Fabric Selection: Once the final sketch has been approved, Ashley shares fabric swatches with the client either in person in Nashville or by mail for out-of-town clients. Local clients will join Ashley on a fabric shopping trip so that she can understand your likes and dislikes and what will work with the silhouette of the dress. This special experience is unique to the custom process!
    1. Custom Hand Beaded Fabrics: If the client is interested in custom fabrics, Ashley will initiate the process with her sources in India. Including this step does have an impact on both the overall cost and the production timeline (up to 4 additional months)
  4. Measurements: Ashley meets with the client to collect all the necessary measurements to start designing the pattern.
  5. Mock-Up Construction: Based on the approved sketches and client measurements, an almost complete dress is created to be the pattern for the final piece. The paper pattern is then cut and sewn into a mock-up garment that will be used for fitting and adjustments.
  6. Fitting #1: This is where the client will get to experience the two-dimensional sketch come to life as a wearable object for the first time. The initial mock-up is typically made with a less expensive fabric and is used to adjust neckline, length, and fit with fabric markers and pins – lots and lots of pins.
  7. Pattern Changes: Ashley takes the adjustments from the first fitting and alters the pattern.
  8. Final Construction: Where the scissors meet the silk! This is where the final pattern is cut out of the selected fabrics, sewn, ironed, and any handwork is completed for the dress to be ready for the final fitting. This step alone can take 2-4 weeks.

Final Fitting: No later than two weeks before the client’s event, the client meets with Ashley to put on their custom gown for the first time. This two week buffer allows for any last minute changes to be made without a sense of panic. But if everything goes according to plan, the client will go home with their beautiful new garment!

For more information on timing and cost, please see our FAQ page.

To make an appointment for a fitting please call 615-510-7992

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